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Kodaikanal City Tour

Located on the southern cliffs of upper Palani range in Tamil Nadu, this spectacular hill station Kodaikanal is known for its dense pine trees, sylvan beauty of lakes, waterfalls and sweet reminiscing scents of flower gardens flower that draw tourists to visit this charming hill station. Besides this, the major pull to Kodaikanal belongs to magical Kurinji, a special kind of bright blue bell-shaped flower that blooms once in every 12 years, then do not miss out the Kodaikanal city tour. We offer various services to help you enjoy your Kodaikanal city tour packages. Visit the numerous attractions of this beautiful place in the company of your loved ones with our Kodaikanal city tour packages away from the routine tasks of life.

So, the Kodaikanal Tour Package from South Indian Holidays is worthy to avail of. From planning the itinerary to guiding you to the beautiful spots in Kodaikanal, our guides can help. To make the city tour a memorable one, we try to offer a suitable service. Also, we charge better prices for our Kodaikanal Package making it easy on the pockets of the travelers. Visit the plenty of mesmerizing options that are included in our packages and do not miss the places. To make the Kodaikanal tour a memorable one, we offer us plenty of services to pick from. Also, the itinerary is planned based on the preferences and convenience of travelers.

The 500-year-old tree is a must-visit attraction near the Kodai Lake. The upper lake view is just 3.2 kilometers from the Coakers walk that is known to be one of the beautiful tourist spots to visit in Kodaikanal. When visiting the Kodaikanal golf club, do not miss Pillar rocks. On a short trip, try visiting Pambar falls that are just 4 kilometers from the city bus station. For the historical lovers, Moier point is another great option included in our itinerary. So, witness the best attractions in the city with us.



Coakers Walk

magine having a serene rehearse the clouds and gazing at the wonder of the hills all around you! one in every of the foremost lovely places to go to in KODAIKANAL, Coakers Walk could be an excellent place for you to require superb footage of the read of KODAIKANAL, cycle or opt for a soothing stroll at any time throughout the day! At a distance of 0.5 km from KODAIKANAL Bus Station, Coakers Walk is the most scenic & beautiful tourist spot in KODAIKANAL close to KODAIKANAL Lake. It is also one of the prime tourist places to visit in KODAIKANAL town.

Constructed by Lt.Coaker in 1872, Coakers Walk is a 1 kilometer paved pedestrian path running in parallel to the Club Road along the edge of steep slopes on the southern side of Kodai. 

The walk, winding around Mount Nebo, starts in front of the Van Allen hospital, running parallel to the Van Allen Hospital Road and joins the main road beside St. Peter’s Church, providing a stunning panoramic view of the valleys and plains. On a clear day one can view as far as Dolphin's Nose in south, the valley of the Pambar River in the southeast, Periyakulam town and even the city of Madurai. 

La Saleth Church

The Mother Saleth church is one of the oldest churches, about 133 years old. The statue of Our Lady of La Saleth is present inside this exquisite church giving the pilgrims its blessings with a serene poise. The church beautifully exhibits the excellent Tamil French architecture. The interior of the shrine is worth looking at since it is adorned with graceful statues of Our Lady of La Saleth above the altar along with a statue of St. Joseph. The Bishop of the Grenoble Diocese in France gave these statues. Also, a French noblewoman named Madame Coile was the one to draw all the beautiful paintings on the windows inside the church.

Every year on 14th and 15th August, a grand celebration takes place in the church. A nine-day festival is celebrated in the church every year attracts worshippers from South India irrespective of their creed, caste or religion. The primary purpose of this festival is to carry out extraordinary service and a special procession. The spirituality that one experiences in the churches of KODAIKANAL add value to the natural beauty of the surroundings which not only means the inner but also the artistic fulfilment. The first Catholic priest of the Saleth Madha church was Father Louis Saint Ceer who was also the one who built the church and was said to be cured of an illness by Mother Saleth

500 Year Old Tree

A gnarled old jamun tree. Signposted- and futilely fenced off- is a tourist attraction near Kodai Lake. The Vattakanal Conservation Trust has identified these trees as significant elements of the last shola rainforests.

Upper Lake View

Situated 3.2 km away from the Coakers Walk, Upper Lake View is a famous tourist attraction in KODAIKANAL and one which is worth visiting on the way to Green valley viewpoint. After you reach here, you will get an appealing view of the star-shaped lake situated here and the surrounding lush greenery which looks stunning. Also, since there are not many facilities present here, it is better to stop for a quick view at the site. One can even sit by the place and admire the breathtaking view of the lake along with all the surrounding landscapes while travelling to Green Valley View Point.

The Upper Lake View gives a beautiful view of the KODAIKANAL Lake where one can indulge in photography and get some fantastic snaps. The star-shaped lake in KODAIKANAL is man-made and was created in 1863 by Sir Vere Henry Levinge. The panoramic view of the scenic location offers a dreamy view to the tourists at the KODAIKANAL Lake and allows a contrast of the lake against the sullen green of the surrounding hills. There are small eateries in the surrounding area as well where the Travellers pass by the stop for a quick halt. These facilities allow the tourists to take some time to rest and even purchase small craft items and handicrafts being sold there. A visit to this place is recommended for spending a few lazy moments, take a deep breath in fresh air, enjoy the serenity and peace that the site has to offer, and click beautiful pictures of the surrounding.

Pine Forest

Preserved treasures area unit rarely explored, however not in KODAIKANAL! The pine forest is well maintained by forest officers, it’s tall, slender trunks going all the thanks to the sky and could be a favorite spot for administrators of South Indian films. Rabid photographers throng the place for capturing superb photos and explore the varied flora during this forest.

Moier Point

At a distance of 10 km from KODAIKANAL Bus Station and 3 km from Pillar Rocks, Moir Point is a historic place and beautiful view point in KODAIKANAL on Berijam Lake road. 

Moir Point offer breathtaking views of the highest peaks around KODAIKANAL. It is one of the important view points in KODAIKANAL and a beautiful tourist spot. There is a small park developed at this spot with a monument.

The site is named after Sir Thomas Moir, an engineer who constructed the Goshen Road in 1929. This point joins the Berijam Lake road with KODAIKANAL here. There is a monument remembering Thomas Moir at the viewpoint.

The park near the Moir Point was recently upgraded making it more attractive. This is a major tourist spot and attracts lot of crowd. There are several shops selling the basic needs. It is adjacent to the main road towards Berijam Lake and easily accessible

Guna Caves

Shrouded in nature and mystery, these caves area unit a requirement see for the avid adventurer in you. The pathway to those caves have superb tree formations round the woods and can leave you baffled. Though the most gate to the cave has been shut thanks to safety reasons, the cave continues to be a favorite visiting spot for the joys seeker. At a distance of 8.5 kms from KODAIKANAL Bus Station and 1.5 km from Pillar Rocks, Guna Cave is wonderful tourist spot in KODAIKANAL on Moir Point road. The cave is formed between two large Pillar Rocks. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in KODAIKANAL. This large, dark and ancient cave is also called as Devil's Kitchen.

Situated amidst thick forest on hilltop behind Pillar Rocks, Guna Caves is one of the top visited places in KODAIKANAL. The path to Guna Cave passes through a beautiful pine forest with roots of the trees emerged on to the ground providing unique setting to this place. Apart from the historical importance, the beauty of the nature makes it a popular tourist spot in KODAIKANAL.

Visitors can view the cave from a distance as the surroundings of the cave are closed for security reasons. From the hill top, visitors can get a glimpse of beautiful valleys and Pillar Rocks on.

Pillar Rocks

Situated close to the KODAIKANAL Golf Club and on the thanks to Pillar Rocks, the KODAIKANAL in experienced vale read has become a hub for all age teams to go to and enjoy! The place is understood for its thick, lovely mists and once they clear, you see one in every of the foremost tantalizing views of the renowned hill station below you.
At a distance of 7 kms from KODAIKANAL Bus Station, Pillar Rocks is a set of three giant rock pillars which stand 400 feet high from the ground. The rocks stand majestically and offer wonderful views amidst thick vegetation and cloudy mountains. This is one of the best tourist places to visit in KODAIKANAL and among the most scenic places in Kodai.

Managed by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, the viewpoint of Pillar Rock is situated on the Moir Point road. A small and beautifully garden, glowing in the colors of the seasonal blooms adds to the charm and the picture perfect beauty of the place. In the shadows of the pillars are shady woods that invite picnickers. The dramatic view and the scenic surroundings make Pillars Rocks a popular picnic spot among locals and tourists.

During winter and monsoons, the rocks are surrounded by thick clouds and tourists keep waiting for long time for the clouds

Kodaikanal Golf Club

If you're within the mood to shoot many sensible holes and have a thrill for playing, then you would like t head to the KODAIKANAL Golf Club on your next trip to the present superb hill station. The superb weather and also the lush, expansive grounds area unit a haven for the participant in you. Mark it on your calendar and book your slots now! Fifteen Best KODAIKANAL Resorts. KODAIKANAL, the abode of blue is one in every of the foremost pristine gems of South Asian nation. The charming abode of hills, lakes, streams and deep valleys works sort of a bomb on souls that area unit tired by the town life and its impure monotony. The hills and clouds of the City to KODAIKANAL - an in depth Travel Guide. Situated within the hills of the Dindigul district, the KODAIKANAL is associate degree finely lovely city with mesmeric natural beauty. This improbably beautiful city in Madras is understood for its wooded valleys, placing lakes, picturesque waterfalls, and greed. Fifty two Places to go to In Asian nation before you switch thirty.

Pambar Falls

At a distance of 4 kms from KODAIKANAL Bus Station. This magnificent falls is also popularly called as the 'Grand Cascade'. The town water reservoir overflows southwards forming the Fairy Falls which continues to join the Vaigai River forming the Pambar Falls through its course. 

It can be reached by a steep, slippery path behind Pambar house. Racing down Pambar Ravine is the zig-zagging Levinge stream that cascades over a series of rock formations. The Pambar Ravine showers down the Waterfall and a series of steep and precariously slippery rocks during its meandering course.

There is a pond like formation at the foot suitable for bathing. Three or four adjacent small cascading falls can be seen as you go downstream. The wild vicinity of the falls flourishes in rare flora and fauna. Endemic birds and butterflies create a center of attention to this soothing spot.

Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple

At a distance of 4 kms from KODAIKANAL Bus Station (on the edge of Kurinji Andavar Road), the Kurinji Andavar Temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga, the God of Hills. As per the Tamil literature, Kurinji means 'hill region' and Andavar means 'God', hence Lord Muruga is referred as 'God of hill'. The Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple is famous for its Kurinji flower which blossoms in the area only once every 12 years. The deity here is called Sri Kurinji Easware. The temple was built by Leelavathi Ramanathan. Born as a European, she was influenced by the religion of Hinduism and adopted the religion. She patronized the construction of the temple that was erected in the year 1936. Thousands of devotees visit this temple during the summer festival to seek the blessings of Lord Muruga. It gives you beautiful views of Northern Plains and Palani Hills.

Palani View

At a distance of 41 kms from KODAIKANAL, 108 Kms from Coimbatore & 487 Kms from Chennai, Palani is one of the padi veedu for Lord Muruga and is an important pilgrim centre for Hindus. Palani is one of the popular pilgrimage sites in Tamilnadu and another popular attraction not to miss in a KODAIKANAL tour package.

Puranas have a story that Lord Muruga disappointed for Gnanapazham came here to stay alone. Lord Shiva & Goddess Uma Devi convinced him by saying that he itself is the fruit of knowledge (Gnanapazham) and called him as Pazham Nee. Thus the town got its name 'Pazhani'. 

The temple of Pazhaniandavar is situated in the Palani Hills at the height of about 1400 feet from the sea level. From the temple prakaram one can see the Idumban Hill, the KODAIKANAL Hills, the rivers flowing around Palani, the greenfields and even the Kurinjiandavar temple in KODAIKANAL hills on a clear day.

Kodai City View

The mesmerizing view of the Vaigai Dam is an unforgettable experience. It used to be known as suicide point because of the dangerous valley which is dense and deep; below the point of more than 5000 feet drop.
Located at a distance of 5.5 km from the KODAIKANAL Lake, the Green Valley View not just offers a gorgeous view, but is also surrounded by a lot of monkeys. On the way to the point, there are several shops which offer homemade chocolates, ornaments and a wide range of flowers.

Chettiar Park

At a distance of 3 kms from KODAIKANAL Bus Station (on the way to Kurinji Andavar Temple), Chettiar park is a nice park managed by the township. 

This park is very quiet and a large variety of exotic flowers can be seen here. Bushes cut and kept in beautiful shapes adorn the garden. The amazing purple bloom of the Kurinji Flowers can be seen here once in every twelve years. It last bloomed in 2004. A well-kept grass meadow and shady trees create an atmosphere of cool calm and make the Chettiar park a pleasant resting place. It has decked floors for flowering plants, and lots of lush green lawns.

Chettiar is a small park which is managed by the KODAIKANAL Township and offers a calm and soothing environment to its tourists. Covered with lush greenery and exquisite scenic views all around, this place is worth spending your time at with your loved ones. A wide range of beautiful flowering plants too can be spotted in the garden with the main attraction being the Kurinji Flowers which bloom once every 12 years and create a distinctive purple haze everywhere. Last, the flower bloomed in 2004. The park comprises of floors which have been decorated with flowers in the park and the lush green lawns.

The park has also been a prominent place where many commercial films have been shot which explains the beauty of the site. Situated 3 km away from the KODAIKANAL bus stand, the park has been constructed on the hillside and is one of the most captivating parks owing to the rare species of plants that it contains. This small scenic area boasts of natural beauty and a peaceful environment which leaves a strong message to all the nature lovers out there. Also, the bushes designed in various ways and walkways around are going to give you a good time. The diverse garden is a place which can be visited during summers and has a commanding area where you can spend your days appreciating its beauty. 

Bryant Park

One in every of the largest parks in KODAIKANAL, this holidaymaker attraction has captivated guests WHO have praised the upkeep of the gardens. Walk amongst completely different and distinctive flora during this park, picnic underneath the trees and click on superb footage. What’s more; the park is extremely about to the KODAIKANAL Lake, creating for a reasonably image. At a distance of 700 meters from KODAIKANAL Bus Station, Bryant Park is a wonderfully maintained garden situated towards the South-East corner of Kodai Lake. Along with Kodai Lake, this is one among the top KODAIKANAL tourist places.

Occupying an area of 20.5 acres, the park was planned and built in 1908 by a forest officer from Madurai, H.D.Bryant, and named after him. With 325 species of trees, shrubs and cactuses, the park is a rainbow of stunning flowers during the monsoon and winter season. A large section is dedicated to nearly 740 varieties of roses. Ornamental plants are cultivated in a nursery for sale. The park organizes horticultural exhibits and flower shows every summer, to coincide with the peak season. 

There is a beautiful glass house inside the park with nicely organized flower pots. There is a children play area within the park. The park has also got a small lake filled with water plants. The park is very well maintained and attracts large crowd during evening time.

Kodaikanal Lake

If you wish to row your boat on sparkling blue waters and witness scintillate rays of the sun bounce off the ripples, then you would like to go to the KODAIKANAL Lake on your next visit to the present cragged paradise. There are a unit several mini waterfalls that flow by this lake, and there are a unit many lovely species of flora border lining this quaint, pleasant watercourse. There are a unit boats and boathouses on this lake, for your fairytale ride. There are a unit such a big amount of places to check in KODAIKANAL, even for the science lovers!

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